Cloud Freelancer CRM

Cloud CRM Solution for freelancers, small businesses and individuals. Register Now and manage your Customer Relations, including meetings, order/quote management & cash-flow.  CRMino is Free for small operations (limited to 5 Customer Cards).

Responsive Design

Desktop focused, but mobile friendly responsive design.

Structure Data

Your data of costs, sales and customer details, suppliers will be organized according to your Contact Cards.

Organized & Efficient

CRMino asks for the essential details only to keep all your records organized on a very user-friendly interface.

+ Job Portal

As a Plus: A Job Portal for posting and applying for Freelance Jobs.


Analyze and view your sales data, income and expenses in easy-to-use Charts

Simple Cloud CRM with very high cost-benefit ratio.


Nowadays, number of people deciding to become freelancers is increasing on a daily basis.  Many of them are quitting their jobs to have more time for themselves and their family and gain some kind of sense of freedom.


Growing Companies are main driving power of any economy.  As of now there are around 125 million small enterprises in the world, which provide around 60% of the

Why CRMino ?

You do not need to spend huge amount of the income you make with all your efforts on costly and time-consuming ERP or CRM systems.  CRMino offers a very affordable, simple solution.  CRMino does not require months of training or installation.  You can register now and start using cloud CRM Solution.


  Salesforce Pipedrive CRMino
Price per user 25 – 300 EUR per user per month 12 – 99 USD per user per month 6 USD per user per month
Visual Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes (Limited to 5 Customer Cards)
Data Report Yes Yes Yes
Sales Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Interaction Logging Yes Yes Yes


Try CRMino

CRMino is available free of charge for small operations that do not exceed 5 Contact Cards.  Try now by clicking below.