Simple Mobile CRM for Freelancers

Nowadays, number of people deciding to become freelancers is increasing on a daily basis.  Many of them are quitting their jobs to have more time for themselves and their family and gain some kind of sense of freedom. But at the same time, they are willing to work very hard for a limited time period and provide freelancers services to wide range of customers and earn their living.  The services provided as freelancer can vary from simple translation/interpretation, content writing unto complex stuff like accounting services or software development.  No matter what service a freelancer provides, these operations have to be recorded, managed and coordinated in a manner that is simple, easy to understand and convenient for use.

This is where CRMino comes to the scene.  CRMino is a Cloud CRM Solution that provides you environment and tools to record all necessary operations conducted with your Customers or Vendors, including:

  • meeting notes, call records, tasks 
  • sales management (quotes, ongoing orders, completed orders)
  • cash flow (revenue and expenses)



Great for small operations.  Only 5 Contact Cards can be created.


No limitations. 🙂

How to Start Using

Register for Free

Register at and start using CRMino with Free Package.

Create Customer and Vendor Cards

Fill in all the information that is available about the contacts.

Start Recording of Operations

Record your meetings, qoutes provided to customers, orders received and completed.  Also, record all payments received and expenses incurred.


CRMino is available free of charge for small operations that do not exceed 5 Contact Cards.  Try now by clicking below.