Simple Mobile Growing Company CRM

Growing Companies are main driving power of any economy.  As of now there are around 125 million small enterprises in the world, which provide around 60% of the total GDP.  For sustainable development of small companies, the data collection and coordination is very important.  Therefore, CRM Solutions are really helpful for daily operations of these companies.  Company CRM provides environment to record and track data related to customers, sales management and etc.

Especially in 2020, many companies are moving towards Cloud CRM Solutions, because they easy to use, do not need expensive infrastructure and maintenance.  Cloud CRM solutions are being adopted by old companies to get rid of many IT related heavy expenditures.  In the other words, a small and growing company has to concentrate on their core operations and invest mainly on core operations, rather than heavy IT infrastructure.  In this context, simple Cloud CRM Solutions like CRMino enter the scene.

Small Companies in the World

of Global GDP created by Small Companies

How to Start Using

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Create Customer and Vendor Cards

Fill in all the information that is available about the contact.

Start Recording of Operations

Record your meetings, qoutes provided to customers, orders received and completed.  Also, record all payments received and expenses incurred.


CRMino is available free of charge for small operations that do not exceed 5 Contact Cards.  Try now by clicking below.